Temporarily Captured Orbiters (a.k.a. Mini-moons)

My interest in searching for serendipitous images of meteoroids branched unexpectedly when it became obvious that some meteoroids impact our atmosphere at very low speeds.  The minimum speed that a solar system object will hit our atmosphere is approximately 11.2 km/s.  This corresponds to the speed an object would have if you held it stationary with respect to the Earth at a very large distance (say the distance to the Moon or more), and let it "drop" to the Earth.

Modelling Comet Jets

My current main area of research is Modelling Meteoroid Streams, and specially, developing the tools to allow for the manipulation of the cometary nucleus environment while watching the impact on the comet's meteoroid stream in near real time.  Here is animation of a fictitious comet and some possible jetting of materials as areas of the comet become heated by the Sun.  I use animations as a quick check that my jetting models appear to make sense. 

Modelling Comet Jets


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