Lunar Interaction with EN130114 TCO Meteoroid

On January 13, 2014, cameras in the Czech Republic observed such an object as a fireball.  After some modelling of the  atmospheric behaviour of the object by Pavel Spurný and Jiří Borovička, I calculated the possible trajectories of the object; what was found was very interesting....  The point in this animation are possible "probability clones" for the object.  There are so many of these clones because we have to account for measurement uncertainties.  These clones cover that uncertainty.  The Earth is on the left, with the object's probability clones orbiting in an elongated elliptical orbit.  The Moon passes right to left above the Earth, and later left to right below the Earth.  The Moon's passage near or through the probability clone cloud appears to disrupt the cloud.  But, THIS ANIMATION IS RUNNING IN REVERSE TIME.  What appears as disruption is the Moon focusing very different possible object trajectories into an eventual Earth collision.  See: Temporarily Captured Orbiters (a.k.a. Mini-moons).