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David L. Clark is a senior software development jack of all trades: freelancer developer, architect, manager, director. Over his nearly 40 years in the software industry, David has build a diverse portfolio of development experience in:

  • astronomical research and simulation
  • wireless-telecomm
  • X-Ray and laser based semi-conductor quality control systems
  • medical laboratory instrument control and accounting
  • medical office scheduling and accounting
  • manufacturing and distribution
  • investment portfolio management
  • PC gaming.

David's employment experience ranges from 15-years of independent contract development, through small 5 person-shops to big guns such as IBM and BlackBerry.  Responsibilities included sole product developer through directing an 80+ person development organization. David has just wrapped the management aspect of his career, and has returned to his true love of hands-on software development. That said, he understands and appreciates the development needs of business managers, be they small business entrepreneurs or large development organization leaders, and can assist in bridging that often daunting gap between management wish and product delivered.

Why consider an independent freelancer?

  • In the end, the freelancer is cheaper. In, do the job, and out, (and hopefully back again when the need arises). There is no employment expense and long term commitment. Your headcount matches the need.
  • Experience. Past experience in a wide variety of application areas and responsibility levels can be brought to bear on the challenge at hand. Energy should be spent on bringing an idea to fruition, not re-inventing the wheel.
  • Passion. The freelancer knows what he or she likes, what he or doesn't, and won't enter into a situation that is not a fit. They choose the work they will do well, they have to, their reputation is on the line.

Email: davidlclark [at]

Phone: 519-200-6577

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David's clients include:

NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office

Digital Evidence International Inc.