Sopwith Downloads

Here are two ways to download Sopwith:

  • Download the Sopwith Windows Installation (596KB). This option will download a single 'sopwith.exe' file which will install Sopwith on your system in a fully Old Windows (up to XP) compatible fashion. This program is a self-extracting WinZip compressed file which contains an InstallShield installation. WinZip will first decompress the installation to your Windows temporary directory. You will then be asked to press a 'Setup' button to continue with the Sopwith installation. You will be given the opportunity to place the 'sw.exe' executable file where you wish. A shortcut to Sopwith will be placed in your Windows Start Menu under Programs / David L. Clark. Depending on your browser, when you select this download option, you may be given the choice to run the installation directly, and/or save the installation program to disk for later use. Choosing this download/install option will permit you to remove Sopwith from your system using the Control Panel - Add/Remove Program facility. Some mail setups, scanners and/or firewalls will not permit the direct downloading of the self-extracting installation executable file.
  • Download the Sopwith Windows Installation WinZip file (565K). This option allows you to download the Sopwith Installation described above, but as a WinZip file. You will need to decompress via Windows, WinZip or some other decompression tool to decompress the file into a usable InstallShield installation. Once the file is decompressed, the installation is run using the generated Setup program.